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All good things start with an extraordinary partnership, and

Das Doner is no exception.

Love of this country took me from Germany to the United States to study. But there was one thing missing here… my second love, the Doner sandwich.

I missed being having this taste of home at my fingertips. A few months later, I had my notebooks filled with my very own sauce recipes and perfected every aspect of this sandwich for myself. But then someone came long and changed everything…my now wife.


She encouraged me to bring Doner to the community.

With her entrepreneurial spirit she gave me the final push I needed to make an old childhood dream a reality. 


I hope you can taste the love and passion with every bite. 


Liebe grusse, 



Fun Facts

The Döner has 215 calories per 100 grams, pizza has 266 calories per 100 grams.

In Germany, 3.1 million kebabs are consumed every day.

Mehmet Aslan from the southeastern Anatolian city, filled his belly with 52 kebabs in one piece.

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